Saturday, 6 August 2011

Misfit photos

I'm not feeling especially inspired today, having spent an unremarkable day tidying my flat, studying my Hindi, having my hair cut and going to a work meeting (on a Saturday - if you're reading this, boss, I hope you are taking notes). However I thought it would be good to put up some of the nicer photos I've taken over the last couple of months that just haven't fitted in to previous posts. Some of these have been on the blog before, in the photo slot that used to be above the "about me" section, but most I haven't put up before. Hope you like them.

This lady took advantage of the big crowd assembled for last Sunday's slut walk to sell her wares. I wonder what she made of the event. The women marching and she certainly come from very different worlds - how much would they really understand each other?

Lodi Gardens. This guy stayed like that for ages.

Lodi Gardens again. I meant to do a whole post about this place but never got round to it. It's one of the loveliest parks I've ever been to, and scattered across it are a half dozen gorgeous Mughal monuments. This was the first one I came across, and it appeared between the trees on the horizon like the end of some Tolkienesque quest. Just stunning.

Still in Lodi Gardens. I know I have posted this one before but I think it's my favourite shot. Inside the Mughal tombs, the harsh Delhi sunlight transforms into this beautiful warm glow. No wonder he dozed off.

The interior of the ruined mosque in Lodi Gardens. The carving on the walls is fantastically intricate - though you can't really appreciate it properly from this photo.

She's back! Lots of people seemed to like this photo so I thought I'd put it up again. She really pummeled that ball.

Another view of the Madrassa at Hauz Khas I missed out last time.

Resting lady at Hauz Khas. I love the way the clothes of the ladies in India provide constant flashes of colour against the city's monochromes.

Typically photogenic Indian kids at Hauz Khas.

Apartment building at Hauz Khas. There was something about this building that made me wonder who lived in it and what they were doing. I think it's the open balconies and the hanging clothes everywhere. It looks like the cover of a novel or a theatre set.

Residents of said building who gathered picturesquely on the balcony just I was looking up wondering about them.

Street scene near the Jama Masjid. 

A couple of shots from the street theatre performance after the slutwalk.

So, apologies for not putting up anything more thought-out or insightful! Will do my best to come up with something more substantial soon...

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Sonya said...

LOVE the pics! The upside down man looks fun.. I would like to meet a man like that.. xx