Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blogging milestones

It's been quite a big week for this blog. First off, last weekend saw my 10,000th hit. Then on Wednesday, February 2012 became my first ever month to pass the 2,000 hit mark (in fact, in the first three weeks of Feb I managed more hits than in September and October combined).

More important than either of these two, though, is that last Sunday my all-time hits from India surpassed those from the UK. This has been inevitable for a while now as my Indian readership is way higher than my British one. But it still felt like a milestone. What makes this satisfying is that the vast majority of people reading this blog from India are not people I know. So I guess that means they must actually be interested in what I write. I take that as a very big compliment.

Considering that I started this blog as a way to share my experiences in India with friends back home (and elsewhere) and for the personal satisfaction of having a permanent record of my time here, I'm wondering if I should take into account the fact that my readership is now largely a different audience from the one I'd originally thought of. So I'm curious to ask my Indian readers (and in fact anyone who has a view) what you've enjoyed and what you'd like to see more of.

My posts tend to break down into travel posts (around India and to places in Delhi); social posts (commenting on something I've observed in Indian society); personal posts (more about me, my feelings, and how I am reacting to being here) and, less often, political ones about the latest developments in India and my perspective on them. There are other things I've thought of doing, like the occasional book or film review, but haven't as yet got around to. The tone of my posts, I've noticed, seems to vary quite wildly from serious to excited to playful to verging on the flippant (see my last post).

So what would you like more of?


Sonya said...

Here's what I like:

2. Reading about your daily life in India.
3. Reading about your feelings living in a new country.
But I realise I am now in a minority in terms of your overall readership...
S xxx

Chris said...

You have long been an Argentine minority m'dear!

Comments noted You would have to ask for the touchy-feely emotions stuff wouldn't you? Sigh. ;-)

ka said...
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ka said...


i don't know if i'm in the mayority side but anyway i'm more interested in social news about India (that's what i blog about). i experimented the same when i lived in India, my friends didn't give a damn about poverty in India etc, but the vast mayority of readers (apart from the anonimous) did. personal experiences of westerners in India tend to be very funny (life stepping in the wrong loo) and your pictures from m'puram where great, so in the end i think i'm interested in everything, that's what really matters, to blog as much as you can.

cheers from valencia, i went to manchester lat summer and really loved it!


now that i'm out of india, some of my posts are about people living there. i will post about your blog soon and use some of your pictures, i hope you don't mind.

Chris said...

Hi ka, thanks for your comments and of course I don't mind you sharing my blog at all! And I'm glad you enjoyed my home town too :-)

Kay in India said...

I really like the fact that you've put in a huge amount of effort to recognize and appreciate 'beauty' in Delhi. To me, it's been such a dry and depressing city(especially compared to other cities in India that I like)--that it's nice reading another perspective on the place.

Also really like the pictures!

carvaka said...

i like the photography.
it is also interesting to me how non-indians perceive india.

as for your future topics - i think you should write what interests you.

Chris said...

Well I'm getting that people like the photos! Good good :-)

Indian Home Maker said...

First time here, noticed Kay is also here, let me check the Delhi pictures she mentioned in her comments :)

Chris said...

Welcome! Very glad you are here, I've been enjoying your blog for a while :-)