Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A poetic interlude

I don't do this very often (and perhaps I should do it more) but I had to share this blog post about the poetry of Southern India. The poems quoted are gorgeous and the detail about the poetic traditions of the region is fascinating.

I particularly liked this one:

What she said:

No-one was there but he,
                              the Thief.
If he denies it, what shall I do?
Only a heron was witness
          its thin gold legs like millet stalks
          it was eyeing the araal fish,
          in the gliding water
on the day
he took me.

Very simple, very evocative, very timeless. And considering the age of the poem, quite remarkable to read something on this subject from a female perspective. It reminds me a little of Song of Songs, though more concerned with the fears and doubts that surround relationships (as well as the differing pressures on men and women) than with their joy. Beautiful, though.

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