Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A brief tour of Defence Colony

I went round my neighbourhood with a camera today. Unfortunately, I feel so self conscious as a sweaty foreigner snapping away that I tend to try to take them reallyreallyreally quickly. This usually means they are completely out of focus. However I did manage a few that were half decent - will try again this weekend and try not to be so neurotic this time.

Another poor bugger dragging a ton of stuff around on a bike. Why don't these guys have thighs like tree trunks?

There are a lot of lovely parks near my flat. Note to self: buy badminton equipment. Further note to self: learn how to play badminton.

Start of the market area. At this very specific spot it smells horrible, and I'm not sure why. Three feet further on and it's gone. Weird.

By far the cheapest way to get fruit and veg in Defence Colony. I just wish I could work out how to know where exactly he'll be at any one time.

The main street in the market. The middle is quite a cute little park (see below).

Sagar restaurant, purveyor of the aforementioned masala dosa, God bless 'em. A couple of doors down is Cafe Coffee Day, which is a big chain here (and doesn't charge 240 rupees for a coffee).

Defence Bakery. Best (only?) baklava in Delhi and some truly amazing-looking cakes and chocolates, which I have so far resisted (it's bad enough that here I apparently have a size 34 waist).

This is the little park in the middle of the market area. Generally occupied by sleeping old men.

This is a little roadside stall round the corner from my flat (not far from the man with the ironing board, who I haven't snapped). Very handy indeed for the basics in life.

No, no, this one is SUPPOSED to be blurry. It's an action shot.

Right, that's it for the moment. I was going to post about the joys of Hinglish and settling into an Indian office, but I think that will wait for tomorrow - these photos took a horribly long time to upload (me and technology again) and bed is calling.

And DAMN I wish my TV was working so I could watch some of the tennis... :-(

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