Sunday, 26 June 2011


OK, I am having to write this quickly. We just had another power cut (in the middle of Frasier, dammit) and my computer has about 40 minutes before it dies. But I just had a very lovely dinner and feel the need to share!

Delhi is great for food, actually. Because people come here from all over India you can get a taste of everything here (and international food too, of course). And where I live has a ludicrous number of great eating joints from cheap and cheerful to really quite opulent (but still cheap by London standards). I was a bit worried about Indian food because the stuff you get in restaurants in the UK tends to be quite heavy and oily. Of course, the reality here is rather different.

I have a preference for South Indian food, which tends to be lighter and less meat-based - in fact I've barely eaten any meat since I have been here and am seriously considering just going veggie. Top of the list is the masala dosa. I didn't think it would be possible for a pancake to top the mushroom, garlic and cheese extravaganza from La Creperie De Hampstead - but the masala dosa does.

For those who haven't had it, a dosa is a thin, fantastically crispy pancake made from rice and lentils. It's stuffed with vegetables, potatoes and spices and comes with an array of scrummy sauces. It's normally eaten at breakfast, but in my view works brilliantly at any time of day. Tonight I had two of these amazing things delivered to my door for around £2.50. Here they are (the second one is still in the bag):

I believe the technical term is "nom".

Sooo good. Healthy, light but filling, and amazingly tasty. I can see myself living largely off these for the next two years. The only problem is there's always a ton too much sauce, which is now sitting on my coffee table looking forlorn and no doubt attracting flies. Such a waste...

The more astute of you will have realised that the existence of the above photo means I have managed to purchase a replacement charger for my camera, so hopefully the blog should get a bit more interesting from here on in. You lucky people!

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sarah said...

Looks awesome. Keep up the blogging - it's a fab read!