Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's not that obvious, is it?

Slightly bizarre conversation today with a pleasant-looking young Sikh gentleman in the queue for Metro tickets.

Him (in beautifully accented but very clear English): Are you coming from England?

Me: Yes.

Him: Manchester?

Me (slightly perturbed): um...well, yes.

Him: Ah.

Me: Er, how did you know that?

Him (as if it were the most obvious thing in the world): Your face. (followed by impressive look of impenetrable and ineffable wisdom).

I got home and studied myself in the mirror. Now, obviously English I can understand....but obviously Mancunian? Let's have a look at some of the more famous people to have come out of my home town:

Maybe I'm flattering myself, but I don't see the physical similarity that would lead me to jump out as a Mancunian to a random bloke in Delhi. Now, if he'd guessed Edinburgh, I'd have just assumed he was a Proclaimers fan and thought nothing more of it.

But anyway, it gives the lie to all of you who think I've lost my Northern roots. Now excuse me, I have to carry on with my research into where I can buy fruit tea, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes in this city...

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Sonia, Gary and Lydia said...

So strange that he would guess Manchester! I think I would be even more impressed if someone guessed that of me. Usually they just look at me and can't quite reconcile the accent with the face.

Love the blog!

Love Sonia xxxxxx